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5 barbell exercises to get stronger

Whilst training routines do vary, incorporating certain exercises can make your workout more effective without spending hours in the gym. You’ll see below we’ve chosen a barbell, mainly because a barbell can soon become your best friend when it comes to building size and strength effectively and safely. Barbells allow you to lift heavier with more control, since you are holding the bar with both hands. Whilst there are other devices, a barbell is a cost effective option that allows you train your entire body to build strength and power with gym equipment from the comfort of your home.

A range of weight plates should be a home gym priority to making sure you’re loading the bar safely. Progressing and watching the numbers go up can be rewarding and satisfying for muscle growth, allowing you to sculpt your physique and build strength. The following exercises have been chosen due to the movement requiring several muscles, these movements do call for balance and coordination, unlike machines so do keep that in mind. A bar, some weight plates and a fair amount of space is all you need to get started!

Here are our top 5 barbell exercises you should be incorporating into your workout:


These are great for increasing core strength, stability and posture! Whilst working the muscles in the lower back and legs.



Shape your quads, glutes and hamstrings, and remember the deeper your squat the more your glutes will work!


Overhead press

Increase shoulder muscle and size! This movements also great for working the core, lower back and triceps.


Bench press

Build upper body strength and train your pecs, delts and triceps!


Bent over row

Target a variety of muscles including your lats, traps. Perfect for bulking out your back and shoulders!

Don’t forget fractional plates are great for increasing the weight in smaller amounts, keeping your lifts safe and controlled. Barbells and weight plates are ideal for strength training, taking your lifts to the next level and smashing those PB’s! Here are five exercises that we’ve chosen, but there’s plenty more movement you can perform to bulk up and build total body strength, weight training works wonders for your body!

A barbell is an inexpensive common training tool, making it a great option if you’re looking to kit out your home gym setup, by adding a bar and some weight plates it’ll be a cheaper option to machines and can be stored easily.

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