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A guide to buying steel Olympic Weight Plates


Before we start, we’d advise that you stick with plates that have 2” diameter sleeves, these are called Olympic plates. Now that’s out of the way, it’s time to decide whether you want traditional weight plates, or rubber/ bumper plates.

Steel plates come in all different sizes, with and without handles, the bigger the weight plate is the more it’ll weigh, meaning more steel! Steel Olympic weight lifting plates are thinner than standard plates, which allow you to load more weight onto the bar, keeping the weight to the centre of the barbell. This is beneficial for squatting and dead lifting, by keeping the weight close to the centre it will result in less of a bend in the bar, making it more stable and in turn, safer.

By using thinner plates it works particularly well for loading adjustable dumbbells, making them ideal for power lifters and heavy lifting. This effortless design makes the Olympic Weight Plates look incredible, with an accurate finish with no coating to give it that RAW finish. Power lifting and bodybuilding are all about perfecting time under tension alongside form, making a weight drop less likely, plus a squat stand or a power rack may help with that if you’re lifting big numbers. We’d advise you consider how you lift when you’re looking to purchase kit, the Olympic Weight Plates could be a worthwhile investment.

Our traditional steel Olympic Weight Plates are laser cut from a design to ensure we get a neat, accurate finish every time. We don’t sub contract our plates, we’re proud to say they’re manufactured in house, allowing us to quality control each order before it’s shipped to you! Zenith Plates are easily accessible, highly effective and readily available to use wherever you have the space. We hope you love them just as much as we do.

Resistance training is packed with numerous benefits, but strength training is one of the most effective types of training you can do from home. Free weights have a list of advantages over other pieces of equipment, they’re versatile and effective for producing both size and strength.

The most appealing weight plates on the market? We’d say so!

Taking into consideration, durability, appearance, price and availability, Zenith Plates will work well for any home or commercial gym. Shop our bundles here!