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Build size and muscle when you start training like a strongman

It’s time you mixed up your regular routine by incorporating strongman training into your programme. Get your head in the game and remember you don’t need every piece of equipment! Zenith plates can help to grow your physical strength and physique, whilst helping to develop your mental resilience when it comes to training like a strongman.

Strongman events include strong men lifting extremely heavy weights, but the foundations of these movements are deadlifts, overhead press, and squats, which can all be performed as long as you have the right gym equipment.

Strongman moves have become a popular ‘functional training’ addition to many people’s workout regime, but it’s clear that these movements can be performed with a lighter weight, whilst still building lean muscle. In most gyms you will find sleds, barbells, dumbbells, ropes and tyres, which is ideal for developing both size and strength in the gym or at home. Heavy, explosive movements will shape your physique, and these movements will push your body to achieve impeccable results whilst building your legs, core and creating overall size and growth by keeping your muscles stimulated. This newfound strength can be translated across all areas, not to mention the additional muscle gain will assist with your training and compliment your daily duties. Strongman training is more than lifting weights, it’s strength plus conditioning.

Let’s get started with some of the core movements, these will soon become the foundations of your training where you’ll be able to build load and achieve maximum gains. These are easy enough to incorporate into your training program whether you’ve got some gym equipment at home or you’re just starting out. All you need is a barbell and some weight plates, and you’ll be on your way!


Deadlifts work your entire body, which allows you to lift a lot of weight! They work more muscles than any other movement, making them ideal for overall gains. It could be argued that deadlifts are a true measure of strength, making it essential for your bodies muscle mass, stability, and core strength. By including them in your training plan you’ll achieve both size and power.

Overhead press

Strongmen have bouldering shoulders! To incorporate similar movements for lifting overhead you’ll need a loaded barbell or dumbbell. By using a variety of objects, it allows strongmen to train their shoulders in a variety of ways, but if you’re limited to the gym or a home set up the best way to get started is with a barbell due to its versatility and load. It’ll strengthen and add size to your shoulders and arms, whilst engaging your core muscles since this exercise is performed when standing.


Squats are excellent for strength, power, and muscle growth! Squatting is the most efficient movement for strongman training, it’ll move your body through a greater range of movement compared to a press or deadlift.

Keep us updated on how you get on developing and building your form, strength, and power. These exercises are great elements for gym-based training to get you started, you may have noticed that these movements are popular amongst bodybuilders and powerlifters.

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