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Can I get the same quality of strength training with gym equipment at home?

Do you want to continue your pursuit of PB’s from home training? Let’s chat about how you can make this possible and effective.

Yes you could get in the best shape of your life from training at home, if you commit to it. Home workouts have been the saving grace in lockdown, you no longer need to spend hours in the gym to see results. A key benefit of strength training is its versatility, you can do it almost anywhere, but if you’re wondering whether home training can work for you, in short, the answer is yes. Providing you have the gym equipment you need to carry out the exercises.

Home training offers many advantages over gym training, but equally, it can be attractive to visit a dedicated facility to work out.

To get the most out of your session you’ll need a barbell, a variety of plates, barbell collars and maybe a bench press or squat rack if you’re planning to build a lifting haven in the comfort of your own home. Whilst you don’t need a home gym, basement or a garage, you do need enough space to store the gym equipment. When purchasing kit, keep in mind that Olympic barbells can withstand a maximum weight of 750kg which is more than a standard bar. Our Olympic weight plates are built to fit an Olympic bar and range from 0.5kg to 20kg, we’d always recommend the Olympic bars, due to their added thickness it makes them much more stable than standard bars.

Finding time to train can sometimes be trickier than it needs to be, the convenience of training from home means that your facility is always available whenever you feel like exercising, it also eliminates the time travelling to and from the gym making it that little bit more convenient! If you’ve been enjoying training at home, you may be looking to make your home gym a more permanent setup, in that case it may be worth considering your storage and set up for training as well as suitable gym equipment.

Even if you don’t have the desired weight you can still build a robust strength training program lifting some heavy kit to get stronger and fitter by focusing on time under tension (slowing down the reps), leading to huge strength gains. If you are looking to build some serious muscle, check out our range of weight bundles, varying from 65kg – 165kg, there’s something to cater for every home gym.

What are you waiting for? Yes you can build muscle, burn fat and sculpt the body you’re looking for from the comfort of your own home.

Have you created the perfect lifting space during lockdown? We’d love to hear how you’re getting on!