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Ditch the gym and take your training outside this summer

When most people think of exercise, hitting the gym comes to mind. Whilst it is a practical option, you can feel just as energised training outdoors in the comfort of your own space!                                           

Did someone mention fresh air and sunshine? Training outdoors can not only help with your physical health it can also boost your mental wellbeing. Even if you’re chasing PBs there’s nothing to say that the process can’t be enjoyable, the last thing you want is training to feel like a chore. That’s why we recommend getting outside and enjoying yourself!

By mixing up your environment you might even feel more energising compared to a sweaty, bustling gym, plus building muscle mass can be just as beneficial training outdoor as it can indoor. Machines and large cages aren’t exactly easy to move outdoors, which is why dumbbells and barbells are perfect for bulking up and building total body strength at home. They’re ideal if you’re planning to take your training from the garage to the garden, all you need to do is load up your weight and get started! This doesn’t mean you need to venture outside of your comfort zone, you can still perform the same exercises safely and effectively from home by loading the bars with the required weight plates.

Finding time to train can sometimes be trickier than it needs to be, the convenience of training from home means that your facility is always available whenever you feel like exercising, it also eliminates the time travelling to and from the gym making it that little bit more convenient! You might even find it more enjoyable opposed to training indoors, plus the warmer environment will also help you warm up quicker. Not to mention your body will get some vitamin D from the sunlight!

One of the key benefits of Zenith Plates is that the weight plates are transferrable from Olympic barbells to dumbbells making them a versatile piece of kit to any home training regime. Our 15kg and 20kg plates also come with handles, perfect for functional movements, whilst making them easy to carry, or load onto a bar. Olympic weight plates are staple piece of kit for anyone training at home who’s looking to build strength and power!

Don’t stay cooped up in the gym, especially when it’s nice enough, take your training outdoors. Next time you decide to mix up your daily workout it might just be the pick-me-up you needed to get back to it!

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