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How can you protect your weight plates during outdoor training?

Do you enjoy the freedom of training outdoors? In the comfort of your own garden or backyard soaking up the sunlight and enjoying some fresh air with the flexibility to train on summer evenings, in light rain, or even on your lunch break? We certainly do. We don’t believe there’s such thing as bad weather, just the wrong kit, especially when the weather’s nice, it’s highly likely you’ll want to be outside rather than inside a sweaty bustling gym.

The main issue with this is protecting your plates, whilst ensuring you purchase suitable training equipment. It’s essential that your kit matches your preference and training routine because the main thing you want to avoid is rusting your plates. Weight plates are the go-to piece of kit for anyone wanting to pack on some lean muscle.

We've designed out premium plates with a galvanised finish, making them suitable for outdoor use and protected from rust. Our new and improved design guarantees the plates for all-weather durability, making them weather and rust resistant, which protects and extends the life of your plates, which I perfect for an outdoor or backyard setup.

Now let's discuss why would you choose zinc coated plates over rubber ones when it comes to purchasing weatherproof kit. In the short, zinc coating will take up less space and they’re cheaper to buy. For the same price as rubber plates, you would be able to kit out the floor in your home training facility, but if you don’t care about the sound, you don’t need flooring, saving you even more money.

Zenith Plates will facilitate you with the gym equipment to conquer any workout, inside or outside, providing you with the ideal home gym setup. Our bundle packages come with handle grips on the 15kg and 20kg weights to allow for safe and easy lifting, they’re also ideal for shoulder shrugs whilst building grip and overall strength. Now if you’re not an outdoor trainer, there’s our quality RAW steel finish to choose from. We all know there’s so many plates to choose from, but by purchasing our premium plates, you’ll create a longer lasting home gym setup, and don’t forget weight plates form the basis of your home gym equipment if you’re looking to move some serious mass and get lean.

Complete your outdoor setup with galvanized weight plates and enjoy the outdoor air, natural light and sunshine that’ll fuel both your mind and body without worrying about the after effect on your plates. With your training location in the comfort of your home it’ll save you time and petrol travelling to the gym.

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Diversify your workout routine and boost your mood! Shop our bundle offers, they come in a range of sizes from 2.5kg to 20kg.