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Should you focus on reps or weight for size?

Your goals will determine whether you’d benefit from more reps with weight, or the opposite. Fortunately, Zenith Plates are designed to help with both!

To improve your strength higher reps would be used, while heavier weights and fewer reps would help to increase muscle growth, size and endurance. You’ll often see people performing a set with a high number of reps using machines, body weight, barbells, and dumbbells. At the other end of the scale, you’ll see weightlifters carrying out near maximum lifts, with little number of reps.

How you train will depend on your strength, experience and confidence. If you train the same every time, your progress does have a chance of declining, which is why it’s good to lift heavier, or add more reps to your workout from time to time. Volume, intensity and frequency are the key to progress and this is achieved through the number of weight and reps you perform. Let’s look at the pros and cons of high or low reps for strength and size.

Higher reps keep your heart rate up for longer and it’ll allow you to train your entire body, whilst hitting all the muscle groups and improving overall balance and co-ordination. By training higher reps your primary goal is to build bigger muscles. The same cannot be said for low rep work. Low reps work towards 90 – 95% of your limit, and you’d personally find it much more challenging and tiring, requiring more rest between sets. However, lower reps will get you ‘jacked’ but in a slightly different way since it focus’ on strength. Bear in mind that although power lifters are incredibly strong, they may lack body composition and definition in comparison to a bodybuilder.

To maximise your sessions our advice would be that you train both, more strength and power will allow for more load to be moved, and therefore result in more gains. By spending time doing both it’ll help to maximise your growth and development. Together they’re the perfect combination and you’ll achieve muscular and strength development alongside big lifts using more weight than before due to combining both methods of training it’ll allow you to perform more efficiently and effective.

However you decide to train, it’s important to mix it up in order to avoid the dreaded plateau!

Most importantly find what works best for you, to keep your workout routine interesting. If you’re looking to add some serious load to your training plan, check out our bundle packages to save money on weight lifting plates today!