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The benefits of strength training with Weight Plates

If someone told you, you could feel better whilst benefiting your heart, strengthening your bones and shifting unwanted body fat, wouldn’t you want to know where to start?

Research has shown that strength training can provide all these benefits and more.

As the famous saying goes, use it or lose it!

Strength training can benefit people of all ages, including those with heath issues. Instead of perceiving ‘fit’ as walking, running and other cardiovascular based exercises, although these are great ways to be active, you shouldn’t neglect strength training. What’s important to remember is that strength training is not just for Olympic weightlifters, bodybuilders or power-lifters, regular training also helps to prevent the natural loss of muscle that comes with ageing.

Improved body composition and a toned appearance just are additional benefits to training with weight plates!

Also known as resistance training, this physical exercise is designed to aid muscle growth by working specific muscle groups using weight machines, free weight plates or individual body weight. Regular strength training will not only make you stronger in the sense that you can lift heavier, it’s so much more to that!

Most people are a fan of being strong in general, whilst becoming a happier and healthier.

Free weight plates are great for resistance training due to their versatility, allowing you to perform a variety of exercises to work different muscles. They’re functionality will not only make you stronger, but they’re easy to store, and you can progressively add or remove the weight to suit your training ability. If you’re new to weight training adjustable Olympic dumbbell bars allow you to change the weight, the dumbbell allows you to load multiple weight plates and can be changed manually which is ideal for altering the desired weight. Similarly, Olympic barbell weights work in the same way as dumbbells, except the bar is much larger, but they’re both ideal to performing compound exercises (working multiple muscle groups at the same time).

Here are some additional benefits for strength training that we haven’t touched on:

  • Enhance your mood and reduce stress like symptoms
  • Gain strength
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Improved sports performance
  • Reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • Grow healthier and stronger muscles and bones

There are several ways to improve muscular strength and endurance. Training from home, or at a gym is a great place to lift weights. To help increase your strength and power it’s best to start by performing the exercise correctly, rather than focusing on the amount of weight.

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