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Why should you use weight plates?

Weight plates are great for building lean muscle and strength. They allow you to use a combination of weighted bar and plate movements, allowing for progressive overload which in turn will improve your fitness level. There are many long term benefits to strength training, alongside the key advantage to using free-weights opposed to machines. They’re less restrictive which will involve a broader range of muscles around the body, in comparison to isolating a particular set.


Why should you use Zenith Plates?

Zenith plates are Olympic weight lifting plates that are stable when mounted to a barbell. They’re versatile and take up less space than plastic plates. They’re also great if you’re allergic to latex or sensitive to strong odour, meaning steel plates may be more beneficial for your health.


Get started with Zenith plates

If you’ve not been weight training for long, or you’re looking to get started it can be hard to know where to begin. For anyone looking to train at home, we’ve got you covered, our beginner’s package is suitable for beginners, and you’ll be able to take advantage of using the free-weights, allowing a much more holistic approach to weight lifting.


Why don’t we sell barbells to accompany Zenith Plates?

We pride ourselves on creating quality Olympic weight lifting plates, if we were to provide barbells we wouldn’t be designing and manufacturing them in house. For this reason, it’d be most cost effective for our customers to do their research and purchase a suitable barbell for their lifting needs elsewhere. Rather than Zenith Plates outsourcing the barbells, we’d rather invest in creating quality steel weight plates.


Can I personalise my plates?

Yes, our custom branding option allows you to add your logo to our premium quality Zenith Plates, all we need from you is your high resolution PDF design.


 Can zenith plates be used outdoors?

Yes, they’re suitable for indoor and outdoor use. To protect your plates, we advise that you keep them off the ground, instead create strips of wood or rubber to place them on. Please note that if you do store your plates outside they will rust, to help ensure the longevity of your plates there is an option to apply clear lacquer which will help prevent the plates from rusting.


What are the different types of weight lifting plates?

When purchasing your weight plates, the two key things to consider is that your weights fit your barbell/ dumbbell, and that you’re purchasing plates that are suitable for your exercise routine.

Our Zenith Plates are manufactured with a 2” diameter, but to clarify any confusion, there are two different sizes of weight plates, standard and Olympic. Standard have a 1” diameter inner ring and fit standard sized bars, these are slightly thinner in diameter. Olympic weight lifting plates have a 2” diameter inner ring and fit Olympic sized bars.


When will my order arrive?

All of our Barbell Olympic Weights are dispatched from our site in Barnsley, South Yorkshire direct to your door with our next working day parcel delivery service with FED Ex. To ensure next working day delivery all orders must be placed by 12 noon. Orders placed after 12.01pm will be dispatched the next working day and shall arrive the following day.


What happens if I place my order on a Friday?

If your order is placed before 12 noon, then your weights shall arrive on Monday. If your order is placed after 12.01pm then your package will be delivered on Tuesday.


What if I’m not home when the courier attempts to deliver my order?

Our FED Ex delivery driver will leave a “Sorry we missed you card” and attempt the deliver your order the next working day, unless you call FED Ex to rearrange your delivery.


How much will it cost to deliver my order?

Our delivery costs are automatically calculated based on your postcode and order weight. Please note that some regions of Scotland, Northern Island and offshore Channel Islands may cost more to deliver.


What if I wish to cancel my order?

You can request to cancel your order by email at Please provide your full name and order number.

If an order has already been dispatched we cannot cancel the order, however you are eligible to return the goods in line with our Refund and Return Policy.


What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

We think you’ll love our products but in the unlikely event you don’t, we will not object to a refund or exchange in adherence to our Refund and Return Policy.